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This community website was created in response to unit owner requests as a way of increasing communication, unit owner knowledge of the most up-to-date information, and actions and events that are taking place within the community. An example of how the website benefits the community is the ability to send emails to unit owners about important and/or timely matters. Did you ever wonder if this week is trash pickup? "Calendar of Events" will send an email reminder before the collection date. 

This website is your community website. All we ask is that any content be respectful to others. Negative postings against unit owners/or content not suitable for the website will be removed. 

Alvord Place Community offers a country, relaxed pace of living. Leave by our south entrance and you will be greeted by horses in the pasture and a beautiful view of Mt. Tom. Exit using the north entrance and there you will find a farm store, that is attached to a working farm, selling milk, eggs, ice cream & more and, it even has a country restaurant. We have 150 free standing units, no common walls to concern yourself with as all units are individual. To see the various styles of condominiums, go to "Styles of Units with photos”.